Francesco JJ Caprø


Francesco moved from Italy to Brighton a year ago to continue his career in this vibrant eclectic city. His passion for art and drawing developed into a career in tattooing in which he mainly specialises in black work, mostly dots and line work. Outside of the studio Francesco spends his time playing drums in a band which he has toured with on many occasions. He also loves playing basketball with friends.

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Brighton Tattoo Staff - Veronika

Veronika Ducarova


Veronica has had an interest in tattoo's and started getting tattooed 8 years ago, which led to her becoming a tattoo artist 4 years ago. She has her own style specialising in between trash polka and graphic style. 

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Tattoo Staff

Marco Kermit Casiero

Brighton Tattoos

Marco Kermit Casiero has been a tattoo artist for 7 years, he has worked in studios in Rome and Camden London. He specializes in old school style.

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Senior Piercer

Alex is the senior piercer here at Inked Up Brighton. He is well known for his friendly, relaxed attitude towards customers. With the usual Inked Up Brighton high standards of hygiene and passion for his craft. He specialises in ear, male genital and project work. He is patient, accurate, and always researching new techniques.